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Processing is B2B OEM manufacturing. We make over 200 plastic products and components for our customers involved in segments of white goods, electronics, construction, fast moving consumer goods, as well as in food industry.


We split processing by 2 types:


using existing molds from the customer


using new molds

Our competences allow us to develop products for our customers, to develop an entire package of engineering for mold making and other equipment, acceptance, commissioning, and start-up while providing the strict quality control.

Different partnership models are possible: equipment and molds can be funded either by a customer or by us. The pricing is transparent: cost, depreciation, logistics structure.

Types of jobs
Injection molding
Quality control

Quality Department provides continuous (24/7) control of the products, incoming materials and also supervision over compliance with the standard requirements. Four in-house laboratories: 2 shop labs running continuously and inspecting the products; one lab of incoming materials inspection, one lab of routine testing (freezing, hammer test, high humidity and temperature exposure). All the labs are complete with high-precision instrumentation that is calibrated according to all the requirements. All the data is collected to shared ERP system in online mode.

Quality Dept. employees
Measurement precision and reliability
4 laboratories
Our team
Our team of professionals who love their work makes a base for efficient and successful business.
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